BMG Private Fees 2020 - 2021 

Hepatitis B (per vaccine) £40
Certificate of Vaccination £18
Fitness to travel report £63
Freedom from infection certificate £63
Private prescription £18
Certificates/Medicals & Forms  
Adoption & Fostering  
Prospective Carer Health Assessment (Form AH) £186.50
Parent/carer update report (Form AH2) £133.00
Childminder (OFSTED) £91.00
Court of Protection Form £200
Now card £18

Firearms certificate 


Diagnostic tests  
Private blood test £39
Driving Medicals  
Taxi/HGV/PSV (requries external eye sight test) £100
GP General Letter £25
Computer printouts (per sheet) £0.35
Insurance Forms/Sports/Employment medicals  
Full medical with report or certificate £186.50
GP written report without examination £133
GP medical report (pro forma) £89.50
Extract from records £67
Holiday Cancellation Certificate £63
Certificate of incapacity £18
Private sick note £18
Life Insurance reports  
GP report for insurance applicants £104
GP supplementary reports £27
Private consultation  
Overseas visitor private consultation £50
Set in accordance with BMA recommendations (where applicable)  
Finance Group/JG May 2020  
For review April 2021