Current Studies




BICS Study

This study is trying to find out if a well established heart drug (Bisoprolol) reduces the number of 'flare- ups' that people living with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease  Obstructive (COPD) have. Please click here for more information

Currently on hold due to Covid-19 once restrictions are lifted we hope to resume recruitment.



The study team would like to see whether giving personal feedback to people with depression, or low mood, can help them to get better more quickly.  If you have attended the surgery for low mood or depression you may be given an information pack by the clinician seeing you, or we may send an information pack out to you.

For more information about the PROMDEP Study click here



The REDUCE Study aims to help people on long-term antidepressants reduce the dose of their antidepressant one step at a time, over some weeks or months, and eventually stop taking it altogether if appropriate. This would be led and supported by your GP (or nurse prescriber), and you would have follow-up appointments for support and monitoring for any withdrawal symptoms or recurrence of depression.

For more information about the REDUCE Study click here