There is considerable concern about increasing antidepressant use in England. GPs are giving out more than 50 million prescriptions a year, to more than 1 in 10 adults.


Some people need long-term antidepressants to stop them getting depressed, but a third to a half could probably stop them without relapsing. However, stopping is not easy, due to withdrawal symptoms including anxiety and low mood which are usually temporary but feel similar to the reason why patients were first put on antidepressants. So understandably some people restart their antidepressant quickly. Others are reluctant to try stopping because they feel well on medication and are afraid their symptoms may come back.

The aim of the REDUCE randomised controlled trial  is to evaluate online interventions to support patients and practitioners in the reduction of long-term antidepressant medication for depression with some telephone support to patients.

ho cantake part?

Who can take part?

  • Adolescents aged between 11-15 years old and their families

This trial is currently closed to recruitment

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