Texting - Appointment Reminder Service

The surgery offers a text service which includes appointment reminders, health campaigns and other useful Practice Information.  We will text you your apppointment reminder 1 day before your appointment, giving you time to cancel if you no longer require it. If you wish to opt out of this service please complete a form which can be found at the reception desk at any site or you can call the surgery and let the Patient Advisor know you wish to no longer receive text messages from us. They will inform the rleevant team who will make the changes. 

So far, since starting the text appointment reminders we have found that our unattended appointments have reduced significantly and would like to thank all the patients for using this service.

However, the service will only work if patients keep their contact information up to date, so please remember to tell us of any change in your mobile number.

* For confidentially reasons we will not be texting appointment reminders for anyone between 5 and 16 years of age.


Cancelling your appointment

Once you have received your text reminder simply reply and text back the word CANCEL. The system will then automatically cancel your appointment from the clinical system. Please be aware, that if you have more than one appointment booked and you text back cancel, then your appointment will not cancel as the system will not know which appointment you wish not to attend, in this instance please call us on 01524 511999 to cancel.

Please also be aware, the texts we receive back for cancelling are not monitored so please do not use this as a method of contacting the practice for anything other than cancelling the appointment that you have booked.