Our non-clinical care Coordinators can support people who may benefit from non-medical interventions and 1:1 support to help navigate health and social care systems.

Sometimes our circumstances change suddenly, Care Coordinators can help people to access services, put support in place to manage at home and much more.

Tracy Foy

Tracy Foy


Ann Cox

Ann Cox Champions a personalised care and holistic approach, working with people to understand their goals and what matters most to them.

Tracy lives in the Morecambe area, and knows it well. With a background of 18 years working in the prison services and over 10 years working with community therapies as a technical instructor she brings with her a wealth of knowledge.


Our Clinical Care-coordinator can support people for whom a more clinical approach may be of benefit.

Emma Gibbon is a Registered Nurse with experience of working for acute settings and in the community, Emma embodies a population health approach with an appreciation of how the wider determinants of health impact our community.


Emma Gibbon


What support can be provided

  • Case Management – for people 18+ who have multiple health / social care services involved but no care-coordination in place. 
  • Holistic assessment and care planning to inform preventative measures to help alleviate avoidable hospital admissions and primary care attendances. 
  • Coordination of support to help people live independently for as long as possible. 
  • Discussion / documentation, at the patients request, of the things that are important to them and their future. 
  • Proactive assessment of health/home situation and planning with the patient to access services and local resources to improve health, wellbeing and reduce isolation.