Changes to your medication

The NHS is committed to lowering its carbon footprint and reducing our impact on the climate crisis and our environment.

  • Did you know that the NHS is responsible for 4% of the UK’s carbon footprint?


In general practice, most of our carbon emissions are associated with prescribing, and in particular the prescribing of inhalers for asthma and COPD

To help reduce our carbon emissions, Bay Medical Group will be changing your Salbutamol CFC free metered dose inhaler to the brand SALAMOL CFC free metered dose inhaler.

This is because although the medicine is the same, the gases used to propel the active ingredient cause much less global warming which is better for the environment.

Both preparations contain the same active ingredients, and you should not notice any difference in their effectiveness. You may notice a change in taste – this is normal.

There have been no changes made to your strength or dosage

The changes will be made automatically to your repeat list, and you may order your next prescription in the usual way. Please continue to use any remaining salbutamol inhaler before ordering your new Salamol inhaler.

Used inhalers should not be put in your household waste as even when ‘empty’ some gases remain which are harmful to the environment.

Please return all used inhalers to a community pharmacy for safe disposal.

If you have any concerns regarding this please speak to your community pharmacist in the 1st instance

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