Long Term Conditions

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As your GP surgery we play a significant role in managing your long-term condition. We believe in working with you and specialists in the community to provide holistic, personal, and high-quality care.

All patients with a long-term condition should have an annual Long Term Condition review. The first part of this is with a health care assistant. At this appointment we will take a blood sample, check your blood pressure, and update other health data. 

A Practice Nurse will review your results in Virtual Review slots, looking at your medical history and medications, and consider how together we could improve your health/management of your LTC. This may include health advice, medication changes or referrals to a community service.

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If your results are all within range you will get a letter saying "well done see you in 12 months". If you need something changing or a discussion this might be a phone call or a face-to-face appointment with a Practice Nurse.


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