Long Term Conditions: Diabetes


There are more than more than 4.8 million people in the UK living with Diabetes and this number is rising rapidly. 90% of people have what is known as Type 2 Diabetes. This type of Diabetes is linked to being overweight and under active as well as running in families.

Diabetes causes the sugar (glucose) level in your blood to become too high which can cause damage to your eyes, feet and kidneys. It is strongly linked to other conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease. Living with Diabetes can affect your mood and wellbeing too.

BUT the good news is that with changes to your lifestyle you can dramatically reduce your chance of developing complications of Diabetes and you can even REVERSE your Diabetes!

At Bay Medical Group, we recognise that understanding and living with a long term condition such as Diabetes is challenging. There is lots of information available but it can be difficult to know how reliable what you are reading is. We have created this section of our website to bring together useful, reliable resources to support our patients who are living with Diabetes. These resources give an overview of the different types of Diabetes and how we can best manage them in order to reduce complications. We have also created a Facebook Group – Bay Medical Group Diabetes Group – which allows our patients to share information and support each other in becoming healthier, happier people.


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