Meeting Minutes July 2023

Meeting Date: 12th July 2023
Time: 7:00pm Heysham Primary Care Centre

Chair: Cath McLennan

Minutes taken by: Yvonne Barrett.


Introduction of New Members 

PL was introduced and welcomed to the group.  


Conflicts of Interest



Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Data presentation from the last meeting to be emailed to the group.  Otherwise the minutes were read and agreed.      


Actions from the Previous Meeting

  • Digital access -

    Agenda item ideas:

    • Better links with hosp departments
    • Patient Groups- Breathe Easy, Low Carb Group, (Discuss some of the many ICB community groups)
    • CM add the above agenda items to future meetings - Action completed
  • Mapping for DPC/nurse appointments - CG to look into this. - Action ongoing
  • PVG info

    CG speak to CM about adding PVG info to the screens.

    CG look into arranging a slim downed version of the PVG minutes to be printed and put in reception areas. 

    CG arrange for the PVG minutes to be added to the website.

  • Views on introducing the PVG to the BMG population – Emails have been received from some of the members and feedback to CG.

Research Team

The Research Nurses PM and JB introduced themselves to the group. 

JB gave a brief overview of research activity at Bay via a presentation (copy enclosed).  They are part of the Research Team and are based at York Bridge Surgery.  They are funded by the NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) but work for Bay Medical Group.    

Following the presentation, JB asked the group if they had any questions.  The following questions and discussion took place:

Who decides which patients can take part?  

There is a criteria for studies, a search is ran on patient’s medical records and depending on numbers, screening takes place and an invitation is sent to the patient. Participation is entirely voluntary and the patient can withdraw from the study at any time. 

Can patients opt out of invitations? 

Yes they can be excluded from invitations.  For this to be done they would need to inform the surgery and a Patient Advisor can send a workflow task to the Research Team accordingly. 

Can BMG recommend long covid trial drugs to patients/Ayurveda for promoting recovery?  

Yes. For this to be done a workflow task has to be sent to the Research Team.

Is the research team only for patients at York Bridge? 

The Research Team is based at York Bridge but the Research Nurses are happy to see patients at other sites across BMG.   

Re Glad study- If a parent is suffering from anxiety but a child isn’t, would they need to have some sort of anxiety as well as the parent?

Yes they would.

Studies can be found on the website/social media. Information leaflets were made available for the group to take home to read.

The Research Nurses expressed they would be happy to attend Stanleys to promote the work they do.  Action- Research Nurses liaise with RT from Stanleys to arrange a visit

The group were informed that the Research Team were finalists recently in the Primary Care Research Team of the year with North West Coast.  BMG and the research team are extremely proud of this achievement. PVG member suggested this achievement should be advertised to patients to promote the work and achievements that take place within BMG. CM confirmed this achievement has been added to the screens and she plans to add this to the social media page and website with PL and JB’s consent.  

Some PVG members were surprised that BMG had a Research Team whereas others were aware.  One of the PVG members informed the group that they are a current participant in one of the studies and  explained the study and process. It was noted that BMG are unique to have such a team as this is not common practice in general practice, and this demonstrates the diversity within BMG.

CM asked the PVG members to spread the word about what we have to offer and help get information out there.  All were happy to do this. PVG member asked if they are allowed to share any posts that have been added to the BMG facebook page, CM confirmed it would be helpful to share posts as this will help reach more people. RT from Stanleys noted they would be happy to have some of BMG reels on their screens.  

Action- CM to add  “please share” on posts she adds to social media

Action- CM liaise with Stanleys about sharing information on their screens

It was highlighted that often there is concern by patients when texts are received, as patients often worry they could be a scam.  CM assured the group that texts they receive from the Research Team are genuine. The Research Team has a direct dial telephone number where a  message can be left. 


PCN (Primary Care Network)

Dr J Price introduced herself to the group as one of the GP Partners at Bay Medical Group and Clinical Director of the PCN. 

A presentation and update on the PCN was given. Dr Price explained we are the only practice in our PCN and currently have a five year contract which runs out at the end of March 2024.  We are awaiting plans for the future, however she is confident the PCN will continue in the future in some form/Integrated Neighbourhood Team providing wrap around care for patients. Dr Price noted that BMG is one of the first PCNs in the country to employ a dietitian. 

Dr Price informed the group that BMG is enrolled on a General Practice Improvement Programme where an external facilitator meets weekly for 6 months to gain a picture of what life is like now in General Practice with regards to access, with the  aim to gain a good understanding to help with improving access. PVG member noted that access seems to have much improved. 

It was highlighted there are many roles within BMG and it is difficult to promote all of these roles.  Links are being added to the website.

CM talked of a recent video that has been added to the screens in surgeries that the Practice Nurses have created, this has been extremely positive for patient knowledge.  CM noted that videos often receive the most positive feedback.  PVG member commented that he was unaware of all the roles within BMG.  He expressed that not everyone likes social media and some stay clear from this, so this needs to be balanced when getting the information out there.  A suggestion was made to send an email once a month/possibly monthly newsletter.      

It was agreed that patient engagement is important and finding ways to develop communication and feedback is extremely important. PVG member expressed their failure to receive a reply from the “contact us” section.  CM will look into this.

Action- PL to email CM any incidents of no response from “contact us” 


CM highlighted that the NHS App is a great way to contact the surgery.  Personal work emails cannot be given as it is not safe working practice.

PVG member talked of an experience he had regarding medication/rejection/lack of response when using the NHS App or Patient Access.  He felt that some information seems to work on one form of online forum and not the other, and feels it would be more beneficial to have only one online option.  CM noted that the option of having two is beneficial if a system went down, and expressed that both should feed into the same service.

Another PVG member noted they have used the NHS App and has always had a response.   They therefore feel they have just been unlucky with the lack of response received.   

Action- CM will look into why this feed has broken down

Action- CM clarify with MMT why PL’s medication was rejected and feedback


PVG member talked on how they booked an appointment on both NHS App and Patient Access but the appointment is showing on neither.  On further discussion it was highlighted that the appointment was an extended access appointment and they unfortunately don’t show on either, this is due to these appointment books being slightly different to those booked into routine hours.  CM will look into why this is.

Action- CM look into why extended access does not show on the App/Patient Access. 


The group were informed that flu/covid appointments will be booked via a different system and these will not show on the App or Patient Access.  This is something that cannot be changed.

CM talked of a meeting that took place with the Medicine Management Team and the Patient Advisor Counsellor, where in this meeting it highlighted that you cannot order acute medicine via the App or Patients Access, however you can request this by adding a note to the repeat medication section.  This seems to be a quirk in the system currently but it is still early days and in its infancy. 

CM informed that group that the NHS App is one of the biggest downloads in app history. UHMB – Secondary care/hosp is now beginning to feed into the NHS App and some hospital appointments for various departments are showing in the App.  This is not for all departments as yet. 


Website discussion and survey

CM informed the group that she manages the website, keeps this up to date, adds useful interesting information, hopes it can be a first stop shop.  This is currently under construction/being simplified and making it easier to navigate.  She asked the group for help with ideas in achieving this.  The following discussion took place:


Would you use the website to go to for information?

Members expressed they don’t often use the website.


Is it beneficial to have everything on there or just snip its?

PVG member expressed navigation on the website isn’t great, too much on there, needs to be simplified.

Suggestion was made to have the main links on the front page with a side bar to click for further options.  Need to be aware to keep the website at an easy reading level for all to understand/straight forward language is most helpful.

Action- RT from Stanleys ask the Young People’s Health Group to look at the website/how to make it more accessible


What sort of traffic do we get on the website?

Around 10000 hits a month currently. 

CM plans to add info of the website to social media.


Is the website details on the appointment cards?  

No.  Suggestion was made to add the website address onto these, along with links to the newsletter/social media page.


Is the website address/social media info displayed on the bottom of AccuRX texts?

NoSuggestion was made to add info on there.


Is the website address on the BMG headed paper? 

No.  It was agreed by HF/JP and all that the website/social media address is added to the BMG headed paper.

Action- CM add website/social media address onto BMG headed paper


How do you get onto the BMG website if you’ve never used a website before?

On further discussion about this, CM feels that PVG member (MR) would benefit from the collaboration of Age UK/Digital Navigator who could come out to her home to provide a series of sessions to show her how to navigate the internet and work her computer. 

Action- CM refer MR to Age Uk/Digital Navigator


The group were informed by RT from Stanleys that Vodafone and Age UK can provide a SIM that can be taken to a provider for a reduced rate. 

PVG members expressed that we all learn at different paces and ways with regards to technology and the key is to be patient and gain confidence.  




Doctor training on telephone consultations

What training are doctors given on telephone consultations?

GP trainers have different elements in their training/exam format, nad part of their training is clinical scenarios online and telephone.  These are assessed as part of GP training.

It was agreed that it would be helpful to invite a GP trainee to one of the PVG meetings.

Action- VW/MA invite a GP trainee to a PVG meeting

Over 75 medicals

Are these still being done?  

No, however LTC reviews and  40-74 reviews/screening is done where lots of conditions are picked up. We don’t have the capacity to invite all over 75s however if a patient wanted to have a review then this would be honoured.


Date of the next meeting

Thursday 21st September 2023 at 7.30pm via MS Teams


Rules of the meeting/purpose of the Chair

  • Read agenda and papers in advance of the meeting and arrive prepared.
  • All questions to be through the chair and only one person to speak at a time.
  • Stick to the items on the agenda 
  • Respect the role of the Chair and allow the Chair to undertake the role to the fullest extent.
  • For all decisions Chair to invite everyone present to give opinion without interruptions.
  • Vote on all decisions and those members not present must inform the Chair of their voting decisions in advance of the meeting.
  • Declare conflicts of interests.