Cancellation / Missed Appointment Policy

On average, Bay Medical Group loses 750-800 appointments per month through missed appointments. This severely impacts on our provision of care to patients who need our services.

Please take the time to cancel any appointment you will not be able to attend as soon as you can, preferably 1 hour prior to the appointment  time, by contacting us on 01524 511999 or by clicking here, if you are registered for online services.

If you let us have your mobile number we can text you to remind you about your appointments and the reminder text now includes a reply facility to enable you to cancel the appointment if it is no longer required.

Bay Medical Group monitors patients who persistently miss appointments or fail to give sufficient notice that they cannot attend.

Any patient who has MISSED 3 APPOINTMENTS IN A 12 MONTH PERIOD, or who CANCELS 3 APPOINTMENTS WITH LESS THAN 1 HOURS NOTICE IN 12 MONTHS, will receive a formal warning letter.