Frequently Asked Questions

Third Party Ordering of Prescriptions

Why is this happening?

This is a new system that will help the patients to be fully aware their own medication, including the reasons for taking it and whether they are taking the correct dosage and hence ordering it at the right time.  Being in charge of ordering their own medication ensures patients get the medicine they need at the time they need it. This can help prevent the build-up of unused or old medicines at home which improves safety, reduces medicines waste and saves valuable NHS resources.

This is being rolled out throughout all practices within the Morecambe Bay CCG


How can I order my prescriptions from now on

  • Approved app, i.e. The NHS App (downloadable from the Google play store or Apple app store)
  • Online via Patient Access
  • Tick off what you need on the repeat order slip and drop the request into the surgery, or send via post.
  • Add a proxy (family member or carer) to order medication on your behalf

How do I order acute items?

Acute items are medications not on your normal Repeat medication list, items that may have been newly prescribed by your Dr or hospital consultant.

These items are ordered directly through your local surgery.


Will ordering by pharmacies be stopped completely?

No, Pharmacies will continue to order for patients that have medication dispensed in a monitored dosage system (e.g. nomad/dosette box/ Blister packs etc. known as MDS) and for patients that will have difficulty ordering for themselves i.e. ‘vulnerable’ patients.  Bay Medical Group will also work with the pharmacies to identify the vulnerable patients.  Both groups of patients will be coded on our practice computer system. MDS patients may have other medication such as when required preparations, painkillers etc. that are not dispensed in the MDS tray. The pharmacy may continue to order these on behalf of the patient.


Who is classed as vulnerable?

  • Patients that do not have the capacity to order their own prescription and does not have a relative or carer who is able to order their medicines on their behalf.
  • Patients may have a disability that inhibits their ability to order their own prescription and does not have a relative or carer who is able to order on their behalf.
  • Patients that are housebound and do not have a relative or carer who is able to order their medicines on their behalf.
  • The patient is overly anxious about ordering their own prescriptions and it is in the patient’s best interest if the pharmacy continued to order their prescription. This can be discussed with the GP surgery or their Pharmacist

Can patients still drop in their repeat slip at the pharmacy?

No. Patients should drop their repeat requests at the surgery.  Pharmacies should not pass along patient initiated requests by dropping repeat slip at the surgery, by post or e-mail. The only exceptions would be for pharmacies ordering on behalf of patients requiring assistance as per guidance.


What will happen if patients run out of medicine?

It is very important for there to be excellent communication between GPs, patients and pharmacies to ensure patients understand any changes that might affect them and so order their medicines in a timely manner so that they do not run out. If a patient has run out of medicine, they should seek a prescription from their GP for the medicines they have run out of, as usual. If their GP is closed, they should contact NHS 111 for an emergency medication supply via the NHS Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS). Patients should not be directed straight to a pharmacy for an emergency supply.


How will I know how to order online?

BMG are able to provide patients with information about how to register to use their online systems. Pharmacies will also be displaying posters explaining the different ways to order online or use the NHS app.

Family members are able to request access to online services as a nominated representative with the patient’s consent. This would allow patients to ask family members or close friends to assist them with the online ordering process if required.