Motivate T2D

Mobile Health Biometrics to Enhance Exercise and Physical Activity

6-Month home-based exercise study

Being physically active and exercising is important for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes as it helps control blood sugar and improve physical function. Lots of people find it hard to be physically active and sticking with exercise is difficult for most people. In this project we will investigate two strategies to support people with Type 2 diabetes to increase and then maintain a physically active lifestyle, which includes exercising regularly.


Participants in one group (Exercise Counselling) will complete a 6-month structured exercise and physical activity programme supported by regular (virtual) contact with an exercise specialist.

Participants in the second group (Mobile health technology (mHealth)) will receive the same 6-month exercise and physical activity programme supported by an exercise specialist, but participants in this group will also receive a fitness watch that links to a mobile phone application (App). The fitness watch and mobile App will allow the exercise specialist to provide greater support and feedback throughout the programme.

This study wants to find out the best ways to support people with type 2 diabetes increase their everyday physical activity to improve their diabetes control, particularly in the months after diagnosis.

It is being carried out by a team of researchers Liverpool John Moores University


Who can take part?

  • Clinical Diagnosis of T2D within the previous 5–24 months
  • Male or Female
  • Aged 40-75
  • Treating diabetes with only Metformin or lifestyle modifications (diet and exercise)

This study has ended and is currently not accepting new applicants

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