Supporting people with type 2 diabetes in effective use of their medicine through a system comprising mobile health technology integrated with clinical care compared with usual care: a randomised controlled trial


Type 2 diabetes is a common disease, however, the risk of serious complications can be reduced through use of effective treatments and active self-management. People are often concerned about their medicines and face difficulties in taking them regularly. We have developed brief mobile-phone based text messages that aim to support patients’ self-management of type 2 diabetes in the use of medications and other aspects of self-management. The aim of this trial is to compare the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of brief messaging to support patients with type 2 diabetes taking diabetes medicine (glucose, blood pressure, or lipid lowering) in reducing risk factors for diabetes complications, with usual care.

This is a randomised controlled trial.


Who can take part?

Participant is willing and able to give informed consent.

  • Male or female, ≥35 years of age.
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Taking oral glucose lowering treatment, blood pressure lowering treatment or lipid lowering treatment (diabetes treatments) either alone or in combination
  • Has access to a UK registered mobile phone and is able, if necessary, with help
  • (e.g. relative, friend, neighbour), to send, understand and retrieve brief SMS
  • text-messages in the English language.
  • The participant's practice is participating in the trial.

This research trial is currently closed to recruitment

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