Therapies for Long COVID

Therapies for Long COVID in non-hospitalised individuals

Approximately 1 in 10 people with COVID-19 continue to experience symptoms and impaired quality of life beyond 12 weeks, which is known as ‘Long COVID’. People living with Long COVID suffer with a range of symptoms. However, they often feel ‘abandoned’ and ‘dismissed’ by healthcare providers and receive limited or conflicting advice.


Why are we doing this study?

The reason people get Long COVID is not well understood, and we do not know what the best treatment options are. There are research studies focusing on Long COVID in hospitalised patients. However, we need to understand more about the needs of people living with Long COVID who did not go to hospital.

This research aims to understand people’s experiences with COVID-19 and how this affects their life, compared to people who have not had COVID-19. The study aim to recruit 4000 individuals who have previously had COVID-19 and 1000 similar individuals to compare against who have not had the infection. The ultimate goal is to develop a remotely delivered intervention to support people with Long COVID symptoms.


Who can take part?

This trial is invitation only. Patients may be invited to take part in this trial if:

  • They have experienced COVID-19, or
  • They have not had COVID-19.