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updated at 03:24pm on 05/06/2018

by Anne Greenham gave Bay Medical Group a rating of 5 stars

My Experience with Bay Medical Group

I always have a positive experience, staff are working under great strain and are always helpful .

Visited in January 2018, Posted on 23 February 2018

by Anonymous gave Bay Medical Group a rating of 4 stars

Always treated with courtesy by helpful receptionists

I can hardly recognize my choice of GPpractice, being the Bay Medical Group, when I read the reviews written by quite a number of other users stating their experiences of surly unhelpful nosey receptionists, inability to access appointments and being fobbed off with inappropriate staff to deal with their problems. My experience is quite the opposite, the reception team, while asking relevant questions are obviously trying their best to direct me to the most appropriate care, sometimes this is not the GP I thought I needed but my complaint has been dealt with in a satisfactory manner with a good outcome. Most times I have been given instructions by the receptionists on how to go about getting an appointment with the Dr. of my choice. On the occasions I have seen GPs I don't know, I have found them to be helpful and doing their best to make me feel cared for. While not wanting to sound unrealistically gushing with praise, nothing is perfect, I would certainly stay with Bay Medical Group if given the choice of moving elsewhere and I think all the staff deserve a break for their performance in what is obviously quite a difficult period, joining many different services together which were previously separate. Well done for effort.

Visited in January 2018, Posted on 22 February 2018