Nurse Team




Practice Nurses/Treatment Room Nurses

All our practice nurses are professionally trained and hold a registered nurse qualification or equivalent. There are various levels of practice nurse from a level one nurse who is new to primary care and assist the care given by other health professionals in the Primary Health Care Team, to specialist practitioners who have undertaken extended training in areas Long Term conditions. They also provide other services such as travel vaccinations, injections, child immunisations, family planning and cervical screening.


Research Nurses

We have a dedicated research team who are involved with the delivery of research studies. They are committed to raising awareness of research within Morecambe Bay CCG increasing the availability and access to research for all of our patients. Clinical research is essential for continually improving standards of patient care. For information please go to our Research page


Health Care Assistants

HCAs are integral members of the team supporting both the nursing team and the GPS.  Their services include annual long term conditions appointments, BP checks (including 24 hours blood pressure monitoring), administering some vaccines and injections, ECG’s, assisting with minor operations, Mental Health checks and NHS health checks.


Assistant Practitioners

Assistant Practitioners are HCAs who has undergone extra training and is qualified to carry out additional duties such as treatment room and COPD reviews.



Phlebotomists are available to offer a variety of blood tests that have been requested by the GP. Some of our phlebotomy team are also able to offer Blood Pressure and ECG appointments. Phlebotomist are available across all 5 of our sites.